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Buying from RHP is different – not only are you getting a stunning contemporary home that’s finished to a high specification, you’ll also get a seamless digital service that’s tailored to suit you.

We are RHP, a Richmond based housing group with a stock of over 10,000 homes in West London.

We have ambitious plans to deliver more much needed affordable housing in the area, including homes for Shared Ownership. We have a strong social purpose: to provide good-quality affordable homes and modern services to people unable to rent or buy in the private housing market. Life’s all about making connections: whether it’s hopping on a train in the morning, hooking up to the internet to watch your favourite box set or something more long-lasting like the connections you make with family and friends. And at the heart of everything is the connection you make with your home: a safe haven where you make your mark, recharge your batteries and become who you want to be. This is what we aim to offer with our Shared Ownership homes – modern attractive homes in great locations that you’ll connect with when you walk through the door. Don’t just find a home. Feel it.

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We’re one of the most efficient housing providers in the UK and are always looking for ways to improve our service whilst reducing costs. We’ve won a number of national customer service awards and rank alongside Amazon and John Lewis on the Customer Service Index: a national measure for customer satisfaction that’s based on real experiences.

Coming home each time is like having a big warm hug

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